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Pet conditions:
  • Limit of 1-2 well behaved pets, only on request per stay.

  • Owners are totally responsible for their own pets.

  • Preferably non-moulting pets.

  • Please bring your own pet bedding/containers.

  • Pets are not allowed on carpets or furniture in living areas or bedrooms.

  • There are wooden floors in the kitchen/dining area, hallway and on verandahs outside bedrooms or the bathroom/laundry which is warm for pets to sleep. Some people have their pets sleep in their own vehicles.

  • Please ensure your pets do not damage the house or garden in any way. It is always important to keep an eye on them or keep them on a lead.

  • The garden is fully fenced, however, there are small gaps through which your pet could escape, it is always up to the owner to keep an eye on his/her pet.

  • If your pet will have a tendency to chase wildlife or livestock please DO NOT BRING THEM. Your pet is not our responsibility. 

  • If carpets or furnishings need cleaning; gauzes or furniture are scratched, or the garden is harmed/dug, due to pet or other damage, you may be asked to pay an additional repair/cleaning fee of $250 minimum, above the usual cleaning charge.

Code of Conduct:

Please read the NSW  Fair Trading code of conduct prior to your stay. ​

Download the PDF Here

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